A blue line to make the Blue Muse speak!

You may be wondering what is the blue line that just appeared on the sidewalks in Sutton?

Well, this is the layout of the new Blue Muse Fun Tour. You can discover this tour by following the blue line! You can explore the artistic and historical village with many stops along the way, all within easy walking distance.

To make the course accessible to all and add dynamism to it, we have drawn this line on the ground. It allows you to follow the route easily. Furthermore, you can also obtain the route map via the Ondago mobile application or obtain a paper version of it. To add to the fun, there is also a family rally available on the town’s website and at the Sutton Tourist Information Office.

This beautiful project was carried out thanks to the participation of the Ministry of Culture and Communications.

Below is the information about the tour:


We also talk about it in the municipal bulletin of August 2020:


You can also get information from the Sutton Tourist Information Office.

Happy exploring!