A constructive meeting between the Town and Les potagers des nues mains

Last week, the Town of Sutton, represented by councillors Lynda Graham and Dominique Parent and the urban planning director Alain Beauregard, met the representatives of Les potagers des nues mains, Anne-Marie Courtemanche and Catherine Zellweger, duly registered in as lobbyists, as required by law.

In a spirit of collaboration, everyone was able to give their point of view on a complex situation that raises broader issues regarding the development of local agriculture in the territory. As a matter of information, the current regulations of the Town of Sutton do not allow several practices that would be necessary, particularly for small-scale vegetable farms, such as the installation of certain movable, modular or removable structures or certain modes of operation of sales kiosks.

As set out in a resolution passed by the Municipal Council on October 5, 2020, the Town is very conscious of the issue of agricultural.  By way of background, one of the seven main development directions of the urban plan is to protect, enhance and promote the development and diversification of agricultural activities and production methods. The objective is to ensure the integrity of the agricultural environment and the diversification of activities and modes of production. The planned actions identified include: foster the establishment of small-scale agricultural businesses; foster the development of local products; protect agricultural land through the management of uses and activities. In the same vein, on October 22, the Quebec government released its new Sustainable Agriculture Plan which places agricultural producers at the heart of economic action and development. This Plan notably cites organic farming as a means of protecting the environment and maintaining biodiversity.

Thus, to settle the ongoing dispute, all the while respecting the regulations and the Town’s urban plan, several options were considered between the parties, indicating their common desire to find viable solutions. New working meetings are planned soon.