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Application for financial assistance from the Municipality for 2019 projects and events

Published on August 16, 2018

The application form for funding regarding Sutton’s Community, Cultural, Recreational and Sports Organizations Recognition and Support Policy (Cultural Fund) is now online. The deadline to submit a project is October 9, 2018.

New: The document « Questions préparatoires pour remplir le formulaire de la politique de reconnaissance » was written to assist organizations. It includes not only questions but also tips for easier use of the online form.

Organizations submitting an initial application for financial assistance from the Town or a completely new project are invited to contact Claudine Filion-Dufresne, Cultural Development Officer, before completing the form: [email protected]





We talk about Sutton in La Presse +

Published on July 20, 2018

A piano from Litz in Sutton? To read the article published in La Presse + dated Saturday July 14, 2018, (in French only) click here.

Dompierre, the free composer! To read the article published in La Presse + dated Saturday July 14, 2018, (in French only) click here.

Official inauguration of the artwork produced as part of the renovation of Goyette-Hill Park

Published on September 21, 2017

Everyone in Sutton is invited to attend the unveiling of Louise deLorme’s artwork on Saturday, September 30 at 11 a.m. in the sports chalet at Goyette-Hill Park at 91 Western Street. This special artwork was designed specifically for the sports chalet in keeping with the one-percent requirements of the Politique d’intégration des arts à l’architecture et à l’environnement des bâtiments et des sites gouvernementaux et publics (policy on the integration of art and architecture). The main criteria Sutton used to select an artwork was that it be a work of enduring value that would show a connection between the village and the mountain and reflect the community nature of the park, which is for the enjoyment of everyone in Sutton. Ms. deLorme will be present to discuss her creative process with you.

Titled Appalaches, the work represents Sutton’s panoramic views and topography: mountains, valleys, lakes, fields and the cycle of the seasons. Ms. deLorme will explain how she created her artwork and discuss her creative process. The artist, who lives in Bedford, is engaged in a multidisciplinary exploration of two- and three-dimensional media. In recent years she has been involved in several projects to integrate art with architecture.