Life in the hamlets: Tales of Sutton

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Circuit Audio no2

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This second circuit starts in the center of town and leads to the former hamlets of North Sutton and West Sutton.

Do you hear the sound of shovels on the stony ground of the Sutton mountains? Share the harsh life of the township pioneers and the first French-Canadians as well as their hopes and deeds as they tame this enormous territory. Clearing the land all the way to urban and industrial development, not forgetting the business of copper. On the way you will come across some endearing characters who made their mark on 19th century Sutton. Your virtuel guide on this circuit is

It is possible to divide the circuit into four segments and follow each individually. However, the first stop provides a portrait of the region that will help understand the circuit in its entirety and that a continuous thread connects the tales.

You can try a sample of the circuit on the GuidiGo website. This circuit has been made possible thanks to the financial contribution of the Town of Sutton and the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec.

To add to your experience and learn more about Sutton history, visit the Museum of Communications and History of Sutton.
The permanent exhibition displays more information about the great fire.

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The Heritage Sutton Historical Society regularly publishes its History sketchbooks sold in several places in the village or via their website.

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Sales points for the History sketchbooks:

  • On va s'aimer encore - thrift store: 29 Principale N.
  • Le Cafetier: 9 Principale N.
  • Tourist Office: 24-A Principale S. (opposite the Town Hall)

Instructions for downloading the audio guide

Circuit 2 - Life in the hamlets: Tales of Sutton
Itinerary: 23 stops | Duration: 2:45| Audio: 62 min

Step 1

Download the free GuidiGO application.
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Step 2

Download the circuit:

  • Once the app is downloaded tap GO Store (Apple) or Discover (Android)
  • Choose Pick a place (Apple) or Places (Android).
  • Scroll down to Canada and choose Sutton. Pick which of the free Sutton historical circuits you want to download

* If this is your first time using GuidiGO you will need to create an account via e- mail, Facebook or Google.

* We recommend downloading the app and the circuit before coming to Sutton. The download usually takes 10 to 15 minutes but can take up to 40 minutes dependent on the speed of your internet connection. If you are already in Sutton when you decide to follow the circuit the Tourist Office at 24 rue Principle Sud opposite the Town Hall has free Wi-Fi access and can help you out.

Step 3

You will find your downloaded circuit in the Library (Apple) or My Tours (Android).

Step 4

To make your visit as easy and pleasant as possible we highly recommend printing the Users Guide and the Circuit Directions below.

These documents are also available at the Tourist Office in Sutton.