I would like to give you an overview of the next steps regarding the ” Filtex ” file. I approach the subject under 3 major themes; that is, the demolition, the consultation and finally the vision.


The demolition contract was awarded at an extraordinaire meeting last June 12th to the lowest bidder B. Frégeau et Fils Inc. of St Alexandre. The amount of the demolition contract is $ 362,200.00. The Council had already approved in December 2018 borrowing By-Law number 291 in the amount of $ 540,215.00 to cover the demolition and costs related to this initiative.

At the beginning of the month of July, we will meet with B. Frégeau et Fils Inc. to discuss the conditions for carrying out the demolition work and the start date of the work.


Citizens and merchants, who will be directly affected by this work, will be informed of the discussions with the company and will be consulted so that we can all take the necessary measures to avoid negative impacts. Furthermore, we will inform the overall population in this regard via our website and in our weekly newsletter.


Once the demolition of the Filtex is complete, we will approach the community to seek common vision as regards the possible use of the site of the former Filtex factory. In conclusion, I look forward to hearing from you this fall and working with you to create a new plan that will be a reflect in our shared values.


Michel Lafrance
Mayor of Sutton