Important change in the collection of residual material (garbage and organic)

The new brown bin service for the collection of organic materials starts 10 and 11 January 2019. During the winter it will take place every two weeks. About 45% of the content of our domestic waste is organic material, this must now go in the new brown bins and will be collected for composting. As a result, also starting in January 2019, the Town will collect domestic garbage every 4 weeks. The collection of recyclable materials does not change and will continue every 2 weeks. Note that there is no change at this time to the collection service for businesses.

In order to know the exact day for each collection (organic, garbage and recycle), in each sector, citizens are invited to consult the municipal calendar which will be distributed to residents before the end of the year. The collection schedules for all residual materials can also be viewed on the Town’s website: