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Collection of domestic waste and recyclable materials during winter

Published on January 3, 2018

Snow removal of rolling bins

To assure the collection of your bins, do not let snow accumulate on and around them!

Remove the snow and ice from your bins or containers

To allow us to offer you a safe and professional service during the winter season and especially, after a snow shower, it is important to clear the snow and ice from your bins or containers, as the case may be.

During a winter storm, it is strongly recommended that you place your bin on the curb on the morning of the collection to optimize the service.

It is your responsibility to properly clear snow and de-ice your bins and to allow safe access for garbage collectors. Remind your contractor not to push or blow the snow on your bins.

This way of doing things is intended to reduce the risk of your bin being knocked down by our snow removal equipment, to prevent breakage and above all to ensure that your materials are collected.