New exhibition in the curio cabinet

The Town of Sutton has been promoting village artists via exhibitions in the Town Hall reception area since 2016. Currently, until next July, some works by Anke VanGinhoven and Qita Reindler are on display.

Anke vanGinhoven‘s pieces display the artist’s close attention to and exploration of the limits and possibilities of various techniques, from papermaking and collage to mixed media. The artist, who has lived in Sutton since 1969, has had a busy career: from the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts to Japan, her work has been featured in a variety of contexts and can now be found in numerous public and private collections, including that of the Town of Sutton. She has also been a four-time participant in the Québec government policy of arts integration in public buildings (known as the “Politique 1%”).

Also on display are some works by Qita Reindler. Using porcelain and stoneware, this talented potter makes decorative and functional pottery with an artistic and sometimes whimsical touch. She describes her work as a “moving meditation.” You will notice that the shapes of her work echo the graceful curves of the female body.