New glass recovery service in Sutton

The Town of Sutton is pleased to announce the arrival of a new container strictly reserved for the recovery of glass. It is been installed this Thursday morning, November 5, on Principale Street North, at the rear of the municipal parking lot of the post office.

By depositing your bottles and glass containers in this container, you allow them to be reused to the maximum extent possible, since glass is infinitely recyclable as long as it is not contaminated by other materials. To this end, we ask you to follow the instructions as to which materials can be deposited in the container as well as those not to be deposited.

Accepted Materials:

Glass food bottles and containers

Refused Materials

All other types of glass, such as dishes, Pyrex, ceramics, window glass, light bulbs and neon lights.

It is essential to deposit only the accepted materials in the container. We are counting on your collaboration!

The collected glass will then be sent to 2M Resources in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu to be treated and recycled.

Please call the Publics Works department, if you have any questions by phone at 450-538-2290 or by email at [email protected].