Project to purchase the building at 1 South Principale Street

As announced at the council meeting on October 5, the Town of Sutton recently engaged in the process of purchasing the building located at 1 South Principale Street (known as the former Chez Camil hotel-restaurant). The administration and council saw this as an opportunity to resolve the persistent problem of the temporary relocation of organizations at the John Sleeth Center, which must be the subject of a decision to either renovate or demolish. Explanations of this situation were communicated in the last Municipal Bulletin No. 21 of August 2020, page 5.

The organizations concerned, namely the Sutton Volunteer Center (CAB), the Jardin d’enfants de Sutton, the Le Spot youth center, the Bibliothèque Sutton Library and the Arts Sutton gallery, were called to a meeting with the Town on October 14 for more information.

As the building was put up for sale and the confidential negotiations were carried out very quickly, a counteroffer and a confirmation deposit of $15 000 were to be approved at the council meeting last Monday. Following the procedures, an inspection of the building, scheduled for next week, must first be carried out, as well as an environmental study of the building and the land in order to analyze the risks of contamination.

A loan by-law must also be approved: the draft by-law will therefore be submitted to a special meeting on October 19. It will then have to be adopted, then submitted to the keeping of a register by which the citizens entitled to vote can request or not the holding of a referendum.

The Town will communicate all the relevant information as it occurs.