Reminder to non-profit organizations (NPOs) in Sutton – Application for financial support

Non-profit organizations, recognized by the Town of Sutton according to its Policy on Recognition and Support for Community, Cultural, Recreation and Sports Organizations (in French only), have until November 13, before 4:30 p.m., to apply online for a financial support for a one-off project achievable in 2021.

General eligibility criteria

  • Be a duly constituted non-profit organization or cooperative: submit a copy of the annual update statement from the Quebec Enterprise Register (REQ) and, in the case of a first request, submit a copy of the letters patent;
  • Have its head office on the territory of the Town;
  • Present activities, a significant part of which takes place on the territory of the Town;
  • Clearly demonstrate their ability to implement the agreement (experience, expertise, etc.);
  • Present a balanced budget;
  • Submit a single request to the Town to avoid any duplication between the cultural service and the recreation and community life service.

Links for application forms (in French only)