Rental of the Goyette-Hill park chalet

Due to the access restrictions to the town hall imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, it is unfortunately not possible for the time being to rent its rooms usually offered for civic activities. However, the Goyette-Hill Park chalet remains available and can be rented or reserved according to the rules of the Town’s Room Rental Policy (in French only).

The chalet’s capacity is currently 10 people maximum in order to respect the sanitary instructions. The room has tables and chairs, as well as toilets. Each temporary tenant is responsible for the hygiene and distancing measures applicable to his activities.

For information, the Town will soon be withdrawing the two tempo tents it had set up in Veterans Park, which have allowed many citizens and visitors to take shelter there for picnics outdoors since this summer.

Any request to rent the chalet should be addressed to:

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