Burning permit application

For information, burning is allowed during winter, subject to compliance with usual conditions.

NOTE: Please be advised that during the winter period, SOPFEU does not issue a fire danger index. However, the application for a burning permit remains mandatory.

The burning permit application is the official document used by the Fire Safety and Prevention Service of Sutton to authorize burning combustible materials to the municipalities of Sutton, Brome and Abercorn that it serves.

Make sure that you do the following:


: If safety index is yellow, orange or redNo permit delivered


"*" indicates required fields

Identification of the applicant

Full name*
Phone number of the person responsible who is on the site of the fire
Required for confirmation of permit

Identification of the site in question in the application

Date of the fire burning*
The permit is valid for a maximum period of 24 hours.
Type of fire*
Nearby fire extinguishing method to be used*

Applicant's declaration and signature

Applicant’s signature*
Responsibility 1*
Responsibility 2*