Goyette-Hill Park Project

Goyette-Hill Park Project

The Town outlined in 2014 a three phase plan in order to create an environment ideal to the practice of sports and recreational activities, which would be accessible to everyone in the village core.

The Goyette-Hill Park offers at the same time a vast and minimalist site, extremely well located between Western Street and the Route verte, and is the logical choice for the practice of multi-sports. Furthermore, in view of the lack of investment in the park over the last 30 years, a major overhaul was justified.

By expanding sporting and recreational installations, we want to better meet the needs of the population as regards the practice of physical and sports activities which benefit people of all ages.

Ball Park

BalleDuring the first phase of the project in 2014, we worked on the ball field by replacing floodlights, adding protective nets and installing a scoreboard thanks to the Town of Cowansville..

Tennis courts and multi-purpose skating rink

Tennis2015 was a key year in developing durable multisports installations at the Goyette-Hill Park. During the course of the second phase, double tennis courts were built with an acrylic surface, in order to provide a high performance result. In the first year of operations, we received more than three times the number of members expected.

Goyette-Hill-1In addition to erecting a real skating rink on a concrete base for the winter, we took into consideration the craze for dek hockey. By adapting this surface for the practice of the two sports activities, the multi-purpose skating rink is used during the four seasons. Users may now use the park’s facilities in the evening as lighting systems have been installed for the tennis courts, the skating rink and the skateboard park.

A vegetated knoll is now located between the small soccer field and the tennis court and can be used as a winter slide, as a picnic spot and to attend tennis and soccer matches.

A central children’s playground and open space layout

AiresdejeuxThe kids’ play areas, which used to be scattered around the park, have now been consolidated into one area to make it easier for parents to keep an eye on the little ones. The gazebo has been upgraded, moved and supplied with power so it is more useful during events held in poor weather.

Also, an attractive network of paths lined with maples, red oaks, evergreens and plants, will gradually take shape between the different areas.


Costs – Phase 1 and Phase 2

Phase 1 – 2014 Phase 2 – 2015

Upgrading the ball park

Preliminary estimate: $208 894
Final costs of work completed: $171 748

Tennis courts, skating ring, children’s playground …

Preliminary estimate: $924 344
Final costs of work completed: $724 504

Phase 3


Sports Chalet

New pavilion – sports chalet – accessible, inviting and encouraging citizens to use the infrastructures present in the park. An agora can accommodate both skaters, bathers, players of sports associations as well as citizens and visitors during the holding of events.

Outdoor swimming pool

The swimming pool has been completely renovated with reliable equipment in terms of water quality and safety equipment for the users. The swimming pool has been redesigned with a new entrance with a gradual slope to ensure accessibility for all.

Water sports

New water games, open for all, but specially designed for children from 1 to 12 years, allow an earlier opening date at the beginning of the season and a later closing date depending on the temperature.

Trail network

A path has been completed to reach all recreational fields.

Fitness Module

A new intergenerational space has been integrated into the park, including fitness modules for all.

Skate park

New modules in concrete that are durable, safer and less maintenance-intensive have been custom built and installed for the skateboard park.

Open space and natural amphitheater

An open area, located at the entrance of the park on the north side, encourages relaxation and is ideal for picnics and groups. A natural amphitheater is set up, which can accommodate about fifty spectators at cultural and community events.

Phase 3 Work Costs

Phase 3 work costs (in French only)

Goyette-Hill Park, an attraction for Sutton

In completing this last phase, we have maximized the recreational infrastructures in a friendly and convivial location, where we can also enjoy the magnificent view of the Sutton Mountains. The park is an attraction site for citizens and tourists as well as for new families hoping to settle in our community.