Withdrawal of the offer to purchase the building at 1 South Principale Street

As announced, the Town of Sutton commissioned last Friday an external company to conduct a complete inspection of the building located at 1 South Principale Street, on which the Town had submitted an offer to purchase in early October. However, the results of the inspection show that the work necessary to bring the building up to standard for public use would have required additional costs and delays. This is why, considering that the building will not be able to meet the expectations and requirements of the relocation project, the Town of Sutton announces its withdrawal of the offer to purchase. This building, largely unoccupied for several years, has great potential, but cannot meet the current needs of the municipality as an owner.

The Town will continue its discussions with the tenants of the John-Sleeth Community Center in order to find together a satisfactory solution to their temporary relocation.

Useful information of this project will be communicated as this file evolves.