Day camp and pool: a recruitment challenge

With the warm weather coming, the planning of the summer season is going well. The program of activities for spring and summer 2022 was unveiled last week and is available on the Web site. Nevertheless, the Town of Sutton is facing important challenges to fill all the open positions in the day camp and pool teams. Despite our ongoing efforts to recruit summer staff, several positions are still vacant.

Recruitment campaign underway for the day camp and the pool

Impact on services

For the day camp, only 57% of the positions required to provide an equivalent service to 2021 are filled. If the situation is not resolved, we will have to reduce the camp’s capacity and hours of operation. The daycare service will also be affected by the lack of staff.

In addition, the Recreation, Community Life and Culture Department wishes to accommodate the 4-year-old children who started kindergarten this year. With the shortage of daycare spaces in the region and the opening of a 4-year-old kindergarten at the Sutton School, we want to fill a need expressed by the families concerned.

For aquatic activities, staffing also presents many challenges this year: the Société de Sauvetage already reported in 2020 a decrease of about 50% in registrations for the Bronze Medal and Bronze Cross certificates (article in French), which are prerequisites for obtaining the lifeguard certificate. This lack of qualified personnel is in addition to the general lack of candidates.

To date, the Town of Sutton’s aquatic team is only 50% complete. A lack of personnel will affect the offer of services. Thus, to ensure quality services and maintain the ratios necessary for the safety of swimmers, the Sutton pool could be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays, not to mention a possible reduction in the number of swimming lessons offered to adults or children.

What’s next

Despite this difficult situation, which unfortunately affects the entire region, the Town of Sutton’s objective remains to offer the greatest number of services to the greatest number of people possible. In sharing with you the situation that affects us, we wish to solicit your help in recruiting the necessary personnel to maintain the offer of services. We are currently looking for :

  • Day camp: 2 leaders and 1 supervisor
  • Pool: 1 head lifeguard, 2 national lifeguards and 1 assistant lifeguard

Registrations for the day camp and the pool are scheduled from April 19th for Sutton residents and from April 26th for non-residents. More information will follow and dates are still subject to change. Stay informed by subscribing to the Town’s newsletter.

How can you help us?

  1. Share our job offers by email or on social networks, talk about it around you! Links to our job offers:
  2. When registering for day camp, if possible, register by the week rather than for the whole summer. This will allow us to accommodate more children during the summer.

Thank you for your help!