Short-Term Rentals


The Town of Sutton has adopted new by-laws concerning tourist accommodations and short-term rentals. The following by-laws came into force on December 8, 2023 (see complete by-laws below, in French only):

  • By-Law 114-5-2023 entitled "by-law amending the Urban Planning By-Law 114-1, as amended, in order to address issues related to principal residence and tourist accommodations, as well as to identify specific orientations and actions to address these issues"
  • Zoning By-Law 115-17-23 amending Zoning By-law 115-2, as amended, in order to integrate provisions relating to accessory dwelling units and lodging establishments in principal residences and tourist residences
  • Conditional Uses By-Law 188-2-2023 amending By-Law number 188 regarding conditional uses, in order to integrate provisions relating to lodging establishments in tourist residences
  • Permits and Certificates By-Law 251-6-2023 amending By-Law number 251 relating to permits and certificates, as amended, to include provisions regarding lodging establishments as principal residences and tourist residences


Guidance documents have been produced by the Urban and Land-Use Department explaining the procedure and framework applicable to the various types of authorized tourist accommodation (actually in French, translation to come):


In addition to CITQ authorization, municipal authorization is required to operate a tourist accommodation establishment.

To apply for a municipal authorization and find out what documents are required, see the "Short-term rental" section on the Application for a Permit or Certificate page.


For any specific questions, please send a detailed e-mail to [email protected].