Short-Term Rentals


The Town of Sutton announced at a Press Conference on September 22, 2022 its propositions of regulatory changes to regulate short-term rentals.

Receipt of Citizen Comments

Citizens had until November 4, 2022 to send any comments or suggestions on the proposals submitted, by mail or email to [email protected].

Here is a summary of all the comments received:
CITIZIEN COMMENTS ON THE NOVEMBER 4, 2022, SHORT-TERM RENTAL (in the orginal language only)


As announced in the April 14, 2022 news item Change of course in short-term rentals, the council has made changes in the rules for short-term rentals allowed on the territory of Sutton.

  • Council repealed the Short-Term Rental Policy at the last municipal meeting on April 6, 2022. This policy, dating from 2013, proposed certain rules, but was not binding and was contrary to the zoning by-law by allowing short-term rentals on all but one street.
  • Zoning By-law Number 115-2 (in French) applies to short-term rentals of a secondary residence, effective April 6, 2022 and until a new by-law specific to short-term rentals is adopted: short-term rentals of secondary residences is now only permitted in zones where the C507 use is permitted. The C507 use defines the premises that allow short-term rentals as "hotel establishments where the principal activity is the accommodation of a transient and short-stay clientele, such as tourist homes and inns with less than 15 rooms".
    • Owners meeting these criteria must apply for a Classification Certificate from the Corporation de l'industrie touristique du Québec (CITQ), as well as a Short-term Rental Certificate from the Town of Sutton.
    • Owners of secondary residences who have a valid certificate of occupancy from the Town issued prior to April 6, 2022, regardless of the zone, will be able to rent out their unit until the certificate expires or until the adoption of a new by-law, whichever comes first. The certificate will not be renewed if it no longer meets the criteria of the C507 use or the new by-law, if applicable.
  • Short-term rentals (31 days or less) of a principal residence are still permitted throughout the territory until a new by-law specific to short-term rentals is adopted, and subject to compliance with the Tourist Accommodation Establishments Act and to obtaining a Certificate for a Principal Residence from the Corporation de l'industrie touristique du Québec (CITQ);

See below the information document and the zones in which the C507 use is permitted:

If you have any additional questions regarding short-term rentals, please send an email to [email protected].