News from the Ukrainian Refugee Committee – Sutton as of June 28, 2022

Please read the committee’s latest release below:

Denis Kuzmenko with Ginette and Maurice Richard

New family welcomed in Sutton

Important news: Tomasz and Alicia Bedkowski welcomed on Friday June 17th a newcomer from Ukraine named Denis Kuzmenko. He is staying at the Auberge du notaire where he will work, as well as at Alicia and Tomasz’s house. Dennis is a musician and has experience in cooking.

The families waiting to enter Canada

The other three families are still waiting for the different formalities to enter the country. Not easy for these people who live between two worlds and cannot settle in a safe and constructive place for their families.

And how are the first arrivals doing?

The family received by Michelle Julien is doing well, they will soon be able to stand on their own two feet as they have found a house on Hudon Road that should be available in the next few days. For donations of furniture or other goods, please contact us at [email protected].
A big thank you to Michelle Julien and her family for the extraordinary support she has given them!

(Source: Comité Réfugiés ukrainiens – Sutton)

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