Environmental Funding Program for Organizations

The Government of Canada has just announced that Environment and Climate Change Canada’s (ECCC) EcoAction Community Funding Program is accepting until December 8, 2022 applications for projects starting in the summer of 2023.

Funding is available for new projects that engage Canadians and clearly demonstrate positive and measurable environmental results for the environmental priority of freshwater.

The EcoAction Community Funding Program is for environmental organizations, community groups, youth and seniors groups, community associations and service clubs. It provides financial support to projects that :

  • Achieve tangible environmental results within the time frame of the project;
  • enable communities to take action to improve the environment
  • Increase environmental awareness
  • Increase environmental awareness and capacity in the community.

For more information on this funding opportunity, click here!

The Applicant’s Guide is designed to help eligible organizations apply to the EcoAction Community Funding Program. Organizations are encouraged to contact their Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) regional office for clarification of the information contained in this guide.

Applicant’s Guide