Launch of the ” Neutral Meeting Zone ” at Sutton Town Hall

The Town of Sutton offers its citizens a “Neutral Meeting Zone” which allows for the exchange and transaction of goods purchased online (Facebook, Marketplace, Kijiji, etc.) in a secure manner within a defined space in front of Town Hall. This designated site is monitored and always filmed. It can also be used as a neutral ground for the transfer of children in shared custody.

Indeed, it is an initiative of the administration of the Town of Sutton which decided to follow the example of other municipalities. This action allows, among other things, to prevent aggressions, frauds, thefts, and it also avoids having to give the address of its residence.

On this occasion, the Town would like to remind you of the precautionary measures to be taken when making transactions:

Some tips for buyers and sellers

  • Take note of available information about the seller or buyer;
  • Check the seller’s or buyer’s name on an online search engine;
  • Take screenshots of the online ad;
  • Keep all conversations between the two parties;
  • Be accompanied by another person during the exchange;
  • Prioritize Interac transfers over other payment methods;
  • Do not transfer money until you have the property in hand;
  • Take note of the vehicle’s license plate number and other relevant information (color, brand, etc.);
  • Never give out personal information (account number, address, etc.).

Terms of the “Neutral Meeting Zone :

  • Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • Under video surveillance 24 hours a day, 7 days a week;
  • Free of charge;
  • Does not require any authorization/permit;
  • Images kept for a maximum of 2 months;
  • In case of dispute, any complaint must be addressed exclusively to the Sureté du Québec.