Deployment of optical fibre—update as of May 17, 2022

IHR Telecom has revised its deployment schedule of optical fibre in Brome-Missisquoi MRC, as well as its color-coded geographic map.

Here are the advances highlighted by IHR Télécom with its calendar update:

  • Progress of the network construction in the municipalities:

Dunham (+5%)
East Farnham (+12%)
Frelighsburg (+4%)
Farnham (+9%)
Cowansville (+8%)
Brigham (+9%)
Bromont (+16%)
Brome (+19%)
Brome Lake (+6%)
Sutton (+18%)
West Bolton (+20%)

  • The number of doors served in Farnham increased by 15%;
  • Excavation work took place in East Farnham, Brigham and Sutton. The result of this work will soon be reflected in the availability of the network; Increase of 111 doors since the last schedule update;
  • The total number of doors with access to IHR Telecom’s high speed Internet network in Brome-Missisquoi now stands at 6039;

IMPORTANT REMINDER: It is imperative that citizens contact IHR Telecom in advance to express their interest in obtaining their services in order to be considered in the installation schedule.

If you wish to benefit from fiber optics when it becomes available, you must first contact IHR Customer Service by phone at 450-346-0057 or 1-888-346-0057, or complete the online registration form at Once the signal is confirmed at the requested address, the resident will be contacted to arrange an installation date.

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