News from the Ukrainian Refugee Committee – Sutton as of May 12, 2022

Nathalie Bédard et ses musiciens (Photo: Nicole Lauzon)
Nathalie Bédard au concert du 7 mai
(Photo: Nicole Lauzon)

Please read below the latest news from the committee:

Another resounding success for the Sutton Committee for Ukranian refugies!

Concert performed by Nathalie Bédard and her musicians

Our fund raising continued with another event to be proud of! Last Saturday May 7th, the concert given by Nathalie Bédard and her musicians helped raise $5,200!  Having organized the concert, the volunteers were also able to obtain cheese plates from the Lusignan IGA and wines from the Domaine Bresee for the evening.  Larose Transport contributed the signage.  Everyone participated to make the most of ticket sales.   With everything in place for a wonderful evening, the citizens of Sutton rallied to the cause in large numbers.  Bravo and thank you!

Donation from the Chevaliers de Colomb du Conseil St-André de Sutton

We are lucky to have a very active chapter of the Knights of Columbus in Sutton, who made a most generous donation of $2292.  It seems that everyone wants to be involved in this cause and facilitate life for the new arrivals.

Their only way to survive is to hope for better days.  We are so pleased to be able to contribute to their adaptation to their new lives!  Despite some difficulties, we, and the new arrivals, are so lucky to live in this enchanting and welcoming town that is Sutton!

(Source: Ukrainiens Refugee Committee – Sutton)

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