Parking lots removed on Principale Street

You have certainly noticed that markings and cones have been placed on the road to prohibit parking along Principale Street, near the intersection with Maple Street. This directive from the Ministry of Transport (MTQ) is in preparation for the stops that will be installed at this intersection in the near future, as requested by the public.

Installation of three stops at the corners of Principale and Maple streets

The MTQ is about to install the three stops announced by the mayor and requested by citizens following consultations on the village core. These stops will be accompanied by protected crossings on all three sides. As a result, the unprotected crossing between the post office and La Rumeur affamée will be removed. Pedestrians will then be able to cross safely at the Maple Street intersection..

Removal of parking spaces for compliance purposes

Due to the reduced width of Principale Street and the narrow sidewalk right-of-way, the decision to remove parking spaces was mandatory from the MTQ’s point of view, in order to comply with its traffic and safety standards. As a result, trucks will be able to turn safely onto and off Maple Street.

The parking spaces removed are those located :

  • on the odd side, between Mollies and the CIBC Bank
  • on the even side, between Urbaine des champs and L’Échappée belle (former Muriel chocolate shop)

Municipal parking nearby

Motorists wishing to drive to the center of the village can choose from a number of parking alternatives: see below the parking map published by the Town for the current Western Street construction project.

In particular, the parking lot created on the new street between Dépôt and Pine Streets (the former Filtex lot) offers more than twenty spaces, which will be paved and marked in the coming weeks. The parking lot near the post office – which is currently being resurfaced – has 70 spaces.

Permantent and Temporary Parking Map