Power outage situation – UPDATE at 10 a.m.

The Town of Sutton is closely monitoring the power outage situation throughout the territory, following the severe winter storm that hit the region last night. We are in constant contact with Hydro-Québec, and our public works and public safety teams are on alert. We recommend that you stay at home and avoid, as far as possible, any travel today.

The situation :

  • Power outages have been widespread in the territory of the Town of Sutton (and Brome Lake) since around 2:30 this morning, due to weather conditions: poles have fallen on the local network and, above all, on the main network. The Sutton and Lac-Brome substations are currently without power.
  • Hydro-Québec has dispatched 134 crews who are currently deployed in the Eastern Townships; we are THE priority for Hydro-Québec this morning.
  • Sutton’s public works and public safety crews have been working since last night to make the roads passable: they have cleared all the snow and are currently continuing to remove fallen trees.
  • According to the latest information received, power is expected to be restored by 9 p.m. this evening for the majority of outages; however, some Hydro-Québec customers may have to wait longer.
  • Keep up to date on our Facebook page and in the news section of our website!
  • For non-urgent special needs, call Town Hall at 450 538-2290.
  • For emergencies, dial 9-1-1.

To consult the outage status on the Hydro-Québec website.

Reminder of the Government of Canada’s recommendations for self-sufficiency in the event of a prolonged power failure: making an emergency kit