Several tree plantings including a new elm on Jordan Road

The Public Works and Fixed Assets Department planted several young trees in order to beautify and green our community.

A new elm on Jordan Road

Last year, we reluctantly had to cut down one of the two large elm trees on Jordan Road because it had Dutch elm disease.

The Public Works and Fixed Assets Department was able to obtain a disease-resistant Ulmus “Morton Glossy” (Triumph) elm to replace it. The Town is grateful to the owners of the field along the road who allowed an encroachment on their property to provide additional rooting space for the new tree.

The other good news is that the remaining large elm is healthy and appears to have resisted elm disease.

(Photo credit: Martin St-Jacques)

Other plantations

New trees were also planted:

  • three in Goyette Hill Park: a Common Hackberry Celtis occidentalis, a Thornless Common Honey-Locust Gleditsia triacanthos “Inermis”’ and a Kentucky Coffeetree Gymnocladus dioicus
  • two behind the Town Hall: two Japanese lilacs Syringa reticulata “Ivory silk”;
  • about fifteen at the spring on chemin de la Vallée (route 215), to decorate the picnic area: Red Oaks Quercus rubra that were left over from the free tree distribution on May 21.

(Photo credit: Mélissa Campeau)