A new degrading act of vandalism

This morning, our Public Works and Fixed Assets Department made the unpleasant discovery of an act of vandalism at the entire site of the natural spring on chemin de la Vallée (Route 215).

Adding to the general list of degradations suffered in our parks and facilities, red paint was sprayed not only on the toilets, the container (since removed), the signs, the garbage can and the table, but – even more shocking – on the commemorative rock in memory of Harold Boyce who owned the spring land donated to the Town by his widow (note : an article is dedicated to him in the history booklet number 14 of Héritage Sutton).

Temporary closure of the spring

Due to the paint that was sprayed on the pipe that brings the water from the spring, the spring will remain closed until the results of the tests for possible contamination are obtained. Thank you for your understanding.

We didn’t even have time to inform you about the installation of a steel grating to replace the wooden floor at the spring: it was recently installed for a better comfort of the users. At least that’s good news!

The Town has filed a complaint

If you have any information regarding this act of vandalism or if you witness any other act of vandalism, please contact the Sûreté du Québec by calling 310-4141 (local) or 9-1-1.