Summary of the December 14, 2022, Municipal Council Special Meeting  

A replay of the Town Council meeting is available on our YouTube channel. The official minutes (in French only) of the meeting are also available on our website.


  • Adoption of by-law number 320 (in French only) entitled “Règlement décrétant la tarification pour le financement de certains biens, services ou activités de la Ville pour l’année 2023”  [A by-law to decree fees for the financing of certain goods, services or activities of the Town for the year 2023], with the addition of the following text to Sections 27, 41, 46 and 51: “ou à un projet d’habitation qui permet de maintenir l’abordabilité et le caractère non spéculatif des logements qui la composent (logements sociaux, coopératives, propriétés à capitalisation partagée, etc.)” [or to a housing project that maintains the affordability and non-speculative nature of the housing units that make up the project (social housing, cooperatives, shared equity properties, etc.)].
  • Tabling of draft by-law number 321 (in French only) entitled ” Règlement imposant les taxes foncières générales et spéciales et les compensations pour l’année 2023″ [By-law imposing general and special property taxes and compensations for the year 2023].


  • Integration of the Sutton Economic Development Corporation (SEDC) into the Town’s services. A vote was requested to postpone this item to a future meeting: Council voted unanimously to postpone. The members who wished to do so expressed their reasons for their vote.  
  • Support to the Brome-Missisquoi MRC concerning a grant request for the optimization of geomatics and data management services.


  • Tabling of the minutes of the Planning and Sustainable Development Advisory Committee meeting of November 17, 2022 (in French only).
  • Appointment of Francine van Winden as a member of the Planning and Sustainable Development Advisory Committee (PSDAC) for a period of two years.
  • Mandate of $25,920 to the organization Arpent to produce an architectural guide to promote the integration of new constructions and modifications on the Town’s territory: this guide will aim to develop a vision of Sutton’s architectural identity in order to promote discussion with applicants for integration in both natural and built environments.
  • Conditional use application for the construction of a single family residence on Lot 5 094 927, Old Notch Road; vote was requested: Council voted (5 in favor, 1 opposed) and the application was granted. Members who wished to do so spoke on the reasons for their vote.  
  • All discretionary decisions related to planning applications dealt with at this meeting are available in the official minutes of the meeting, or in the recording of the meeting on YouTube.


This is a summary of the questions and answers. For the full content of the question period, please listen to the meeting online on YouTube. Additional [information] may be added for clarification or new information.

  • Smith Hill Road minor variation:
    • Is the proposed distance between their septic system and the neighbor’s surface well problematic? ANSWER: The proposed siting is compliant and even exceeds the minimum standards imposed by the provincial regulation which requires a minimum distance of 30 m.
    • In order to prevent storm water runoff, will the recommendation to plant trees be carried out? ANSWER: The recommendation is to renaturalize the vehicular trail.

Next council meeting: Wednesday, January 18, 2023 at 7:30 p.m.