Students from Sutton School win the national prize of the 2022 Entrepreneurship Contest Challenge!

Thanks to its “À l’école, à vélo” project, Sutton School was awarded the national prize – Primary 1st cycle – at the Desjardins Grand Prize Gala of the 2022 Entrepreneurship Contest Challenge, Wednesday evening in Quebec City.

The Town of Sutton, the mayor Robert Benoît and all the members of the council, congratulate the Sutton School, the thirty-seven students of 1st and 2nd year and their two teachers for this honour!

It is a huge success for all these young students and their two teachers, Frédérique Bruneau and Marie-Hélène Desnoyers, who have passed all the steps of the Challenge after winning at the local and regional levels! They came to present their project to a town council meeting held for the occasion.

“I was impressed by their project and the whole entrepreneurial process that these children have accomplished with their two teachers who have done a remarkable job,” commented the mayor on his way to the launch of the project at the school today. In the presence of Councillors Lynda Graham and Marie-José Auclair and the Deputy General Director Jonathan Fortin, he presented each of the students and the two teachers with a certificate of merit for their commitment to citizenship.

The students created metal signs that will be installed in the municipality and they also personalized floor markings on active travel corridors. Their eye-catching messages will be seen by motorists, such as “Bike + Car = Friends”, “Cycling is not a video game”, “Watch out! Children on bikes”.

“I can’t wait to see next year’s school project!” the mayor exclaimed at the conclusion of the joyous event.

Read the press release from Commission des services scolaires du Val-des-Cerfs (in French only).