The MRC Council of Mayors approves the Town of Sutton’s request for interim control

This is very good news for the Town of Sutton! The request for interim control that it had filed with the Brome-Missisquoi MRC was accepted by the council of mayors during its meeting held last night.

“I would like to thank the prefect and my peers of the MRC for their great collaboration in supporting the Town of Sutton in its efforts to protect our drinking water,” declared Mayor Robert Benoit. “This problem does not only affect Sutton, it concerns several other municipalities and it is our common responsibility to act.”

In accordance with its announcement in a press release on April 6, the Town of Sutton had filed a request for the adoption of an interim control resolution with the Brome-Missisquoi MRC, in order to allow it to suspend all new construction in the sector of the mountain and all land parcels and integrated housing projects in the sector of the Academy well watershed. This exceptional measure is intended to protect the availability of drinking water supplied by our water systems.

Any specific questions regarding the construction freeze should be directed by email to [email protected].