Next public meetings in closed session, but live on YouTube

In order to comply with government recommendations, the Town of Sutton will hold its next public meetings in closed session until further notice. However, the use of the Zoom platform will allow for live streaming of the meetings on the Town’s YouTube channel.

Public meeting of January 13, 2022 – Planning program revision process

This second session will be conducted via video conference. Speakers will receive a link to connect, according to their appointment time, with the members of the commission composed of Mayor Robert Benoît, the President of the Advisory Committee on Planning and Land Use (CCUDD) Jacques Masson and the Director of Planning and Land Use Claude Théberge. The public will be able to follow their presentation live on the Town’s YouTube channel.

In keeping with our desire to listen (read the news item on December 3, 2021), this second session once again offers citizens the opportunity to orally expose certain difficulties encountered with our urban planning by-laws and to propose solutions.

There are still places available for those who would like to participate as a speaker! Follow the link to register: form to be completed before January 10 at 4:00 p.m.

Click on the link to listen to the topics presented at the first session held on December 20th.

Council Meeting of January 19, 2022

As has been done in the past, the next council meeting will be will be by videoconference between all participants (council members and administration representatives). The public will be able to listen to it live on the Town’s YouTube channel.