Architectural Guide of the Town of Sutton

The Town of Sutton is proud to present its brand-new Architectural Guide "Architecture et aménagement du territoire à Sutton", the result of meticulous work by the Town's Urban and Land-Use Planning Department, in collaboration with the firm Arpent.

Planning Program Revision Process

The Council of the Town of Sutton announced at the Council meeting of November 22, 2021 that the Town would resume the entire process of revising the urban plan.

Public listening sessions

The first step in this process was the holding of a public meeting during which citizens, individuals or professionals, could come and expose the problems they have encountered concerning our urban planning by-laws, and propose solutions.


Due to the large number of requests, two public meetings were held, on December 20, 2021 and January 13, 2022.

A committee was formed for the occasion to hear one by one each person or group of persons who wished to publicly present their point of view on our planning by-laws. The committee was composed of Mayor Robert Benoît, Jacques Masson, President of the Advisory Committee on Planning and Development (CCUDD) and Claude Théberge, Director of Planning and Development. Their goal was only to listen, not to debate, and the speaking time was 15 minutes per speaker.

Many topics were raised. They will be studied and, for the most problematic ones, discussed with citizens in future workshops. More information will follow.

In addition to the oral presentations, written briefs were submitted by citizens. They are available online by clicking on the links below.

Each of the public sessions was recorded on video and can be listened to on our YouTube channel: