Arts and Culture


Work with all players in the community (municipal authorities, cultural stakeholders and citizens) to promote culture in Sutton.


  • Fund the cultural projects of non-profit organizations;
  • Provide advice and research to help promote cultural projects;
  • Provide start-up and logistical support to help cultural projects;
  • Liaise between the cultural community and complementary resources;
  • Organize community meetings;
  • Disseminate cultural information.

For more details about Sutton’s cultural life, events and organizations, as well as municipal support for cultural development, please see the Arts and Culture section of this website. There is also a separate section about the resources available to the cultural community.

Monthly Art & Culture Newsletter

The Town of Sutton's Culture Department distributes a monthly newsletter to keep you up to date on current projects and how to participate, offers information about bursaries and grants opportunities, deadlines for application, and news about our local cultural community.

Claudine Filion-Dufresne

Cultural development officer : 450 538-2290 : 450 538-0930