Zoning By-Law (in French only)
  • To divide the territory into zones;
  • To prohibit or authorize construction and uses in each of the zones according to the land use policy in force or the intended vocation of the project.

Specification grid :



Zoning plans :

Other Urban Planning By-Laws (in French only)
  • Subdivision By-Law translates in regulatory terms the concerns which aim to structure and organize the land and the definition of standards as well as the conditions to be met when subdividing and identifying land.
  • Building By-Law controls the quality, durability, and safety of a building’s structure.
  • Minor Exemptions By-Law provides for an exception whereby the council may authorize the performance or projected work or the regularization of work in progress or completed work when the work does not satisfy all provisions of the zoning or subdivision By-Laws.
    All provisions in the zoning and subdivision By-Laws may be subject to minor exemptions except where they concern:
  • Usage;
  • Net density of housing units per acre;
  • Floor area ratio;
  • Works permitted on the shoreline, littoral and in the flood-risk areas;
  • Protected rights;
  • Zones where land use is subject to specific constraints for public safety reasons;
  • Construction and prohibited types of construction;
  • Authorized exterior cladding materials.
  • Comprehensive Development Programs By-Law in one part of the Mountain sector and on the site occupied by the old Filtex factory. Projects submitted for these sectors must meet certain criteria and go through an approval process that involves amending the urban planning by-laws.
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In certain territories or for certain types of projects, a Site Planning and Architectural Integration Programs By-Law (PIIA) is used to assess a construction, integration or land development project in a qualitative manner.

  • Conditional Uses By-Law introduces flexibility into a By-Law which allows for the implantation, following an evaluation procedure, of uses that are acceptable for the population and compatible with the environment without the need to change the regulation each time.
  • Outdoor Lighting By-Law controls the type of lighting installed on private properties to maintain Sutton’s natural landscape features and to limit the intrusive lighting on neighboring property.
  • Demolition By-Law forbids the demolition of certain buildings, unless the owner has previously obtained an authorization to that effect from the demolition committee.