Cultural Life

Vie culturelle

© Lou Leblanc, Lynda Graham and Claude F. Gagnon, Les arts à la montagne | Sculpture : Nicole Côté and Daniel Haché

The Town of Sutton has been thriving culturally for more than 20 years, to the point where it now defines itself by its creativity. When a large number of artists congregate, they bring a diverse array of media into play and mutlidisciplinary projects result: the artists experiment, they leave their niches, they innovate!

In 2006, after looking at the number of artists in the workforce, the Hill Strategies firm declared Sutton the most artistic town in Quebec and the fifth most artistic in Canada. While artists represented only 0.8% of the Canadian workforce, in Sutton that figure was 6%, about 260 artists.

Not only have many artists chosen ― and continue to choose ― Sutton as their home and place of work, but many donate their time to ensure the vitality of the cultural and arts community. Artists are active in nearly 30 organizations, cultural groups and venues in the visual arts, arts and crafts, literature and communication, performing arts and heritage sectors.

As citizens, you are invited to take part in cultural activities not just as spectators but as volunteers, by getting involved behind the scenes. These activities then become chances to interact, thereby strengthening the bonds between people, increasing the chances of closeness and engendering a sense of belonging to the community. By bringing people together, we are able to break the feeling of isolation.

Cultural Activities and Venues

Sutton has, among others things, three art galleries, a cultural park where you can admire a collection of artworks, two libraries, a performance hall, a history and communications museum and a historical society. For more information, see the Cultural Directory.

In addition, many cultural events are held during the year. Check our calendar!