Organizations involved with community living

Sutton: A Quality of Life to Share!

Organizations for Families and Kids

Daycare Centres (CPE) and Licensed Family Childcare Services

CPE La Passerelle des mousses 60 Principale Sud Sutton QC J0E 2K0 Canada CPE Les Pommettes rouges Coordinating office for Sutton’s licensed family childcare services 52 Dupont, C.P. 1268 Bedford QC J0J 1A0 <i class="fas fa-phone"></i> : 450 538-8188 (CPE La Passerelle des mousses) <i class="fas fa-phone"></i> : 450 248-3334 (CPE Les Pommettes rouges) <i class="fas fa-phone"></i> : 450 248-4380 (CPE Les Pommettes rouges)

Quebec’s childcare centres look after young children between the ages of 0 and 5. The centres are funded by the Quebec government department in charge of family and seniors, the Ministère de la Famille et des Aînés.

École de Sutton School and In-School Childcare Service

Contact: Heather Sherrer, Christine Larivière 19 Highland Sutton QC J0E 2K0 <i class="fas fa-phone"></i> : 450 538-2318 Website : Commission scolaire du Val-des-Cerfs Website : Commission scolaire Eastern Townships

Sutton school is an elementary school for children ages 5-12. The French school, which is part of the Val-des-Cerfs school board, is one of the only educational institutions in Quebec to share a building with an English elementary school. It also runs an in-school childcare service in the same building.

Ressource famille Sutton

Contact: Eva Portelance 7 Academy Sutton QC J0E 2K0 <i class="fas fa-phone"></i> : 450 538-1919 Website :

Ressource Famille offers families in Sutton and Abercorn bilingual, free and confidential services, including:

  • a list of caretakers
  • a Joujouthèque (borrowing toys)
  • two baby drop-ins per month, one of which is attended by a nurse
  • rental of car seats and baby strollers
  • listening, support and referrals to the region’s resources.

Sutton Preschool

Contact: Christine Booth 7 Academy 2nd floor Sutton QC J0E 2K0 <i class="fas fa-phone"></i> : 450 538-3024 Website :

Founded in 1976, the preschool welcomes children ages 3-5, three days a week, from early September to June. Two bilingual preschool teachers take care of up to 18 children.

Sutton Youth Centre

Contact: Gwen Badham 7 Academy John-Sleeth Centre (second floor, by the rear entrance) Sutton QC J0E 2K0 <i class="fas fa-phone"></i> : 450 538-7494 <i class="fas fa-phone"></i> : 450 522-7494 Website :

The Youth Centre is a community organization that offers a place where young people ages 10-17 can gather outside of school and home. Through various activities, the counsellors develop meaningful relationships with the youth and encourage them to get involved in the community and work on projects that will help them become discerning, active and responsible citizens.

Community Organizations

Meals on wheels

Contact: Janna Hubacek, Coordinator 7 Academy Sutton QC J0E 2K0 <i class="fas fa-phone"></i> : 450 538-1919 Website :

Home delivery service for hot meals for people with loss of autonomy (Monday, Wednesday and Saturday at dinner).

St-André Catholic Church Thrift Store

Contact: Patricia Harvey 89A Principale Saint-André Catholic Church Sutton QC J0E 2K0 <i class="fas fa-phone"></i> : 450 538-3741 <i class="fas fa-phone"></i> : 450 538-3215

The goal of the thrift store is to fight poverty, encourage environmentally responsible consumption, reduce our environmental footprint, protect our architectural heritage and make the world a better place for our kids. You can find all sorts of used clothing and other items at the thrift store. Items in good condition are accepted any time.

Sutton Community Gardens

Contact: Esther Falardeau The community gardens are next to Villas des Monts <i class="fas fa-phone"></i> : 450 538-8064

Sutton’s community gardens are 18 small gardens measuring 12-square metres each, with 6 raised gardening beds measuring 3.5 – 4 square metres. Price varies depending on the area cultivated.

Schedule: from dawn to dusk, mid-April to mid-October.

Sutton Volunteer Centre

Contact: Janna Hubacek, Coordinator 7 Academy Sutton QC J0E 2K0 <i class="fas fa-phone"></i> : 450 538-1919 Website :

The mission of the Sutton Volunteer Center is to improve the social link of the Sutton and Abercorn communities by providing services and supporting volunteerism.
The services offered are:
• the food bank
• Meals on Wheels
• collective kitchen
• help with homework
• The Sutton Family Resource (see above)
• Resource 50+ (Services for Seniors)
• The CAB Sutton newsletter (a weekly community bulletin board).

Community Halls

Grace Anglican Church – Community Hall

Contact: Reverend Tim Smart 52, Principale S. Sutton QC J0E 2K0 Website :

Community hall with kitchen.

Royal Canadian Legion

Contact: Ron Caswell 2 Curley Sutton QC J0E 2K0 <i class="fas fa-phone"></i> : 450 538-2210

Community hall with kitchen.

Sutton Curling Club

Contact: John Salisbury 26 Pleasant Sutton QC J0E 2K0 <i class="fas fa-phone"></i> : 450 538-3226 <i class="fas fa-phone"></i> : 450 538-0997 (John Salisbury)

The Sutton Curling Club, founded in 1948, has two curling rinks, as well as a reception hall and bar that can accommodate groups of 10 – 100 people. Anyone can join the club, play in regular leagues and enjoy the many benefits of being a member. The reception hall and curling rinks can also be rented for an event or gathering of friends.

Sutton Junction Community Hall

Contact: Lise Levesque 132 Mont Écho Rd Sutton QC J0E 2K0 <i class="fas fa-phone"></i> : 450 538-0483

This non-profit organization ensure the restoration and management of the Sutton Junction community hall. There is a room for up to 100 people. Full kitchen and piano on site. The room can be lent or leased according to user needs.

Sutton School Gymnasium

Contact: To Come École de Sutton School 19 Highland Sutton QC J0E 2K0 <i class="fas fa-phone"></i> : 450 538-2290 Website : More information

Gymnasium for sports or recreational activities

Town Hall – Community Halls

Contact: To Come 11 Principale Sud Sutton QC J0E 2K0 <i class="fas fa-phone"></i> : 450 538-2290

To consult the Hall Rental Policy.

Philanthropic Organizations

Knights of Columbus

Contact: Kenneth Hill 89 Principale Nord Sutton QC J0E 2K0 <i class="fas fa-phone"></i> : 450 263-5080

Founded in 1950, the Knights of Columbus of Sutton is dedicated to charity, unity, brotherhood and patriotism. It organizes activities such as a yearly food drive (Christmas baskets) and a day with Santa. The organization also donates funds to other charities to help them carry out their missions.

Special Interest Groups

ÉCOSPHÈRE, Environment and Ecohabitation fair

Contact: Éric Ferland 12A Principale Sud Sutton QC J0E 2K0 <i class="fas fa-phone"></i> : 450 538-5005 Website :

ÉCOSPHÈRE’s fair is a non-profit organization whose mission is to inform and educate the general public on several aspects of the environment and sustainable development through the realisation of the most important environmental events in four cities in Quebec.

Groupe de réflexion et d’action sur le paysage et le patrimoine (GRAPP)

Contact: Éric Pineault <i class="fas fa-phone"></i> : 450 538-5278 Website :

GRAPP is a non-profit organization that strives to protect the beauty, richness and diversity of lands endangered by recent trends in urban planning. Its members play an important role in supporting the organization and participating in its activities.

Services and Centres for Seniors

Club Le bel âge & Happy Game

Contact: Gaétane Nadeau 2 Curley Canadian Legion Sutton QC J0E 2K0 <i class="fas fa-phone"></i> : 450 538-2914

This bilingual card-playing club hosts card games every week from September to early December and early January to June.

The club can accommodate up to 24 players.

Foyer Sutton

50 Western Sutton QC J0E 2K0 <i class="fas fa-phone"></i> : 450 538-3332 <i class="fas fa-phone"></i> : 450 538-0530 (Products Sale) Website : Foyer Sutton

Managed by CSSS La Pommeraie, Foyer Sutton is a seniors’ residence and day centre for people coping with loss of independence.

Les Villas des Monts de Sutton

Contact: Patricia McCollough 33 Western Sutton QC J0E 2K0 <i class="fas fa-phone"></i> : 450 538-1291

Les Villas des Monts has 40 apartments for independent seniors, providing two meals a day (lunch and supper).

Manoir Sutton

Contact: Martine Harel 54 Principale Sud Sutton QC J0E 2K0 <i class="fas fa-phone"></i> : 450 538-0820

Manoir Sutton is a licensed private residence for both independent and semi-independent seniors. The residence provides personalized service and has a registered nurse on the premises at all times. Since 2005, the centre has housed up to nine residents and also offers an emergency/respite room.

Resource 50+

Community worker for the seniors of Sutton and Abercorn and for the Centre d’action bénévole de Sutton. Contact: Étienne Grégoire <i class="fas fa-phone"></i> : 450 521-5105 Website : Resource 50+

Offer listening, information, support for various approaches and help find resources for seniors in Sutton and Abercorn. Free and bilingual service.

Seniors’ Club (Fadoq les Deux Monts – Sutton and Abercorn)

7 Academy John Sleeth Centre (Room 1) Sutton QC J0E 2K0 <i class="fas fa-phone"></i> : 450 538-3741 (Patricia Harvey, Membership) <i class="fas fa-phone"></i> : 450 538-2304 (Christiane Bourque, Activities)

The FADOQ brings together and represents people aged 50 and over in order to preserve and improve their quality of life. The network defends and promotes their rights, values their contribution to society and supports them through programs, services and activities.


Christian Community St-André de Sutton

Contact: Nathalie Bédard 89A Principal Nord Sutton QC J0E 2K0 <i class="fas fa-phone"></i> : 450 538-3215 Website :

Promoting the Word of God and Roman Catholic celebrations.

Grace Anglican Church

Contact: Reverend Tim Smart 52 Principale Sud Sutton QC J0E 2K0 <i class="fas fa-phone"></i> : 450 538-8108 Website :

You are always welcome to attend Sunday services at 10:30 a.m. The church also does baptisms, marriages and funerals. Community hall with kitchen.

Other Community Organizations

Brome-Missisquoi Caregivers Support Group

614 J.-André-Deragon Blvd Cowansville QC J0E 2K0 Sutton – Harmonie Centre 19 Principale Nord Suite 205 Sutton QC J0E 2K0 <i class="fas fa-phone"></i> : 450 263-4236 Website :

This support group offers counselling, referrals, respite care, a drop-in respite service, a coffee hour, and workshops on prevention, as well as organized activities for caregivers. It also works to raise public awareness about the experience of caregiving and publishes a newspaper called L’Entraidant.

First Aid Course

Contact: Marie-Jasmine Fortier <i class="fas fa-phone"></i> : 450 775-9253 Website :

This course provides theoretical and practical training on clearing airflow obstructions (choking), CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation) techniques for adults, children and babies, as well as hands on demonstrations and practice with the AED (automated external defibrillator). This course is intended for everyone (health professionals, daycare workers, teenagers, etc.). A certificate from the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Quebec is issued to each participant at the end of the course.

Foyer de charité Villa Châteauneuf

83 Principale Nord Sutton QC J0E 2K0 <i class="fas fa-phone"></i> : 450 538-2203 Website :

The Villa Châteauneuf welcomes adults (18 years or older) who wish to take a break or do a silent spiritual retreat. Presentations on a variety of topics are given during their stay.

Sutton Saturday Market

2 Curley St. Sutton QC J0E 2K0

Sutton Public Market from May to October.