Civil Safety


The mission of municipal public safety is to protect persons and property. This protection is provided by setting up a municipal structure and a public safety plan.


  • Prevention measures
  • Preparing to assist
  • Providing assistance during an actual or imminent disaster
  • Restoring things to normal after the event

Government message

If a major catastrophe or disaster occurred in Sutton, could you be self-sufficient during the first 72 hours? The governments of Canada and Quebec provide guides to help citizens prepare for future disasters which could require the emergency assistance over a long period of time.

To help disaster-preparedness services serve communities better, citizens can prepare survival kits to meet their needs and those of their families over a period of 72 hours. This gives first responders time to quickly help those most in need. Check the two following government websites for more information:

Town Hall Contacts

Pascal Smith

Director General <i class="fas fa-phone"></i> : 450 538-2290 <i class="fas fa-fax"></i> : 450 538-0930

Don Mireault

Director of Public Safety <i class="fas fa-phone"></i> : 450 538-2448 <i class="fas fa-phone"></i> : 450 538-2152

Marc-Antoine Fortier

Assistant director of Public Safety <i class="fas fa-phone"></i> : 450 538-2448 <i class="fas fa-fax"></i> : 450 538-2152