Access to Documents

The demand for access to information, the right of every citizen.

Every person has a right of access, on request, to the documents held by the Town, except when the Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and the protection of personal information does not permit it.

  • The right does not extend to personal notes written on a document or to sketches, outlines, drafts, preliminary notes or other documents of the same nature.
  • The right of access to a document may be exercised by examining it on the premises during regular working hours or by remote access. The applicant may also obtain a copy of the document, unless reproducing it would endanger its preservation or raise serious practical difficulties owing to its form.
  • Access to a document is free of charge. However, a fee not greater than the cost of transcription, reproduction or transmission of the document may be charged to the applicant.
  • Access to a document is free. However, fees not exceeding the cost of its transcription, reproduction or transmission may be required from the applicant.
  • An application may be made orally but only a decision on a written request may be reviewed by the Commission d’accès à l’information.

If the request is for documents that may contain personal information about another person, a written consent duly signed by that person must be forwarded to the Town Registry and Access to documents Office either as an attachment to this form or by e-mail.

  • Such consent must be sufficiently detailed as to the documents referred to, the identity of the person or body that may consult the documents and must be dated.

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Application form for access to documents


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