Urban and Land-Use Planning


The Urban and Land-Use Planning department is responsible for enforcing urban planning by-laws and for organizing and planning the use of the municipality’s land.


  • Inform citizens and interested parties about land-use by-laws and the procedures that must be followed before undertaking projects, as well as discretionary by-laws, such as the by-laws on minor exemptions, conditional uses, site planning and architectural integration programs (PIIA), specific constructions, alteration or occupancy proposals for an immovable (PPCMOI), or development site plans (PAE);
  • Issue building permits and authorizations following analysis of requests to ensure compliance with by-laws;
  • Inspect building or works in progress or completed;
  • Assist citizens and interested parties in their efforts to realized various local development projects;
  • Receive and process complaints related to land-use by-laws.

Town Hall Contacts

Claude Théberge

Director of Urbanism and Land-Use Planning : 450 538-2290 : 450 538-0930

Alain Beauregard

Urban Planning Advisor : 450 538-2290 : 450 538-0930

Fernando Rosas

Building inspector : 450 538-2290 : 450 538-0930

Brigitte Archambault

Secretary to Urbanism and Land-Use Planning : 450 538-2290 : 450 538-0930