Living in Sutton

Ask Suttonites what they like most about their town and right away they’ll tell you about the mountains and beautiful landscapes. But more important still, they’ll tell you about the sense of belonging and kinship that comes from feeling like you’re part of a real community. It is this warmth, combined with our engaged citizens and the way businesses and services are all close together in the middle of the town that create the extraordinary vitality of our community. To experience it for yourself, just take a short walk down the main street or stop in at the town’s coffee shop, where people meet and talk all year round.

Sutton … to stay

It is not surprising, then, that so many different types of people choose to make Sutton their home and let their talent, energy and ideas take root here. Whether you’re an artist, an athlete, a lover of the great outdoors, a retiree, a freelancer or an entrepreneur, Sutton definitely has something for everyone.

Sutton … for arts and culture

In 2006, the Hill Strategies firm listed Sutton as a haven for artists and members of the cultural community, which would explain the abundant and diversified offering of cultural activities, in both winter and summer: concerts, evening storytelling, improvisation nights, repertoire film showings, art shows, and much more.

Sutton … for nature and sports

Those who love sports and outdoor activities will not be left wanting. Of course Sutton has its renowned alpine ski resort, but it also has hiking, cross-country and snowshoe trails, not to mention bike routes and outdoor skating rinks, and it hosts many sporting challenges, in running and cycling, for instance. Young and old can all enjoy practising their favourite sports—such as soccer, baseball, curling or swimming—at our sports facilities.

Sutton … for its services

What’s more, most of our sports, cultural and community organizations, all great places to meet and share, offer activities and services in both languages. Bilingualism here starts in early childhood. As a matter of fact, Sutton’s elementary school is one of the only schools in Quebec to welcome children from both the anglophone and francophone school boards.

Sutton … a welcoming town

Sutton is definitely open to the world. Since 1976 it has hosted the largest Swiss National Day celebration outside of Switzerland. Residents age 50 and older can take advantage of one of the 28 satellite branches of the Université du troisième âge, which offers quality courses and speakers. Also, since late 2012, the entire territory has enjoyed high-speed Internet access, so that all Suttonites can delight in country life while keeping in touch with their family, friends and clients.

Sutton … for quality of life

In short, choosing to live in Sutton is to choose an exceptional quality of life! On top of benefiting from a wide range of services, Suttonites from all generations share a common interest in protecting nature and sustainable living. For more information, we invite you to explore this website’s sections on culture, recreation and community living. You’ll also find information on the municipality’s by-laws.

Step by step, share the soul of Sutton
with a highly creative community nestled in the mountains.