Reporting non-urgent issues with Voilà

Application Voilà!

The Voilà! mobile app lets you report a non-urgent issue in a municipality.

Even though the Public Works crew regularly patrols the municipality, citizens are often the first to notice something that is broken or damaged. By reporting an issue as soon as you see it, you’ll be contributing to improving your environment and the quality of services offered.

You’re strolling along the street and notice a burnt-out traffic light, a pothole or graffiti. Snap a picture of it with the Voilà! mobile app and we’ll be instantly made aware of the issue.

  • Locate the issue on the map or enter the nearest street address.
  • Select the nature of the issue, add a description and snap a picture.
  • Finally, Voilà! will send your report to the municipality.

Voilà! should only be used for non-urgent issues where public safety is not at risk. When in doubt, call 911.

How Voilà! works...

For a visual demonstration of Voilà!, watch this short video on Voilà! Facebook page.

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The app is available for free from the App Store and Google Play.

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