Application for a Permit or Certificate

To avoid delaying your project, prepare in advance! If you have a project planned for the summer, start your steps in the spring.

TO SPEED UP AND EASE THE PROCESS, we are now asking you to send us all your documents scanned and by email. If you have no choice but to submit them on paper, the format must not exceed 11 x 17 inches. Thank you for your collaboration.

Please note that the urban planning department has a 20 working day time limit to issue a permit, which means 4 weeks to process the files.

However, this time limit does not apply to files that must be analyzed and recommended by the advisory committee of urban planning and sustainable development (CCUDD) and approved by Town Council, such as in the case, for example, the approval of a site planning and architectural integration program (SPAIP), a minor exemption or a specific construction project, a request to modify or occupy a building (PPCMOI) or a request for authorization from the demolition committee.

In these cases, the issuance of the permit or certificate of authorization may require an additional delay of one to six months.

Always make sure you have all the required information with you when you make your request. Consult the list of required documents for more information.

Make an appointment with the Urban Planning and Land-Use Department before you come to the town hall to ensure that you can meet with us!

Application forms

PDF documents (to be printed and filled out)

List of required documents

Informations and documents required to deposit a request:

Do not hesitate to contact the Urban Planning and Land-Use Department for more information about the documents and plans you must provide.

Sample power of attorney form

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