General Administration


Plan, organize, oversee, coordinate and monitor municipal administrative functions and liaise with political bodies and external organizations.


  • Support elected officials in their decision-making process;
  • Enforce regulations and council decisions;
  • Plan, organize and monitor municipal activities;
  • Maintain communication with the council, committees and public servants;
  • Manage human resources;
  • Oversee the enforcement of municipal laws;
  • Coordinate with the Ministère des Affaires municipales, des Régions et de l’Occupation du territoire;
  • Handle complaints and citizens’ requests;
  • Maintain relationships with the MRC;
  • Provide leadership on public safety;
  • Ensure that everything conforms to applicable laws.
  • Coordinate emergency measures.

Town Hall Contacts

Pierre Largy

Director General : 450 538-2290 : 450 538-0930

Chantal Marien

Secretary to the General Manager and the Town Clerk : 450 538-2290 : 450 538-0930