Water Management

Annual review of the quality of drinking water

Every year, by March 31, the Town of Sutton submits its report on drinking water quality for the period from January 1 - December 31 of the previous year.

This year, our water again meets all the government requirements governing drinking water quality. See below for the data on the drinking water distribution systems for the mountain and town sectors, and the spring on Highway 215.

Drinking Water Reduction Program (PEEP)

The drinking water reduction program (PEEP) is an awareness-building campaign that is tailored to the needs of participating municipalities.

This year, the PEEP held from May 6 to August 9 all over Quebec. During the summer, eight educators travel around the province to meet with citizens and give them tips and pointers on how to save water every day.

CIn 2015, on July 15, towns and residents are invited to participate in “One Drop at a Time Day. This is a great opportunity to combine our efforts and take concrete steps to reduce our use of water!

For more information, read the pamphlet or you can also visit the Drinking Water Reduction Program website.