Sutton Cultural Development Project

The future of the village core: everyone's business!

The demolition of the Filtex plant has brought Sutton to a turning point. For the first time, perhaps since the great fire of 1898, we have a vacant area in the heart of the village that offers us a chance to re-envision our community space. At the same time, we need to make some major decisions about the future of the John Sleeth Community and Cultural Centre and the building that houses the Sutton Museum of Communications and History.

In 2020, the firm Les Mille Lieux worked with the Town of Sutton to report on the needs of the population in terms of collective spaces and thus outline a common long-term development vision while planning citizen participation.

Our local history and Sutton’s unique personality will strongly influence the nature of this long-term vision in what is called a cultural planning approach, as well as in the revision of our Urban Plan.

Here are the three reports (in French only) provided by Les Mille Lieux in May 2020 following their mandate:

As well as the initial summary report which was used for the preparation of the three reports: