Recognition and support policy for organisations - Financial support for projects and activities 2024

Form - Financial support for projects and activities 2024

Complete the financial support application form online including all the documents requested.

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Identify the need your project addresses, the number of people you want to reach and the percentage of them who are Sutton residents. Specify the strategies you will use to reach your clientele.
If applicable, indicate which objectives and actions of the 2023-2027 action plan your project addresses. Consult the action plan here.
Consult the action plan here.
Indicate whether your project is a collaborative one, and who the partners are (non-profit organizations, businesses, etc.). You may attach letters of support to your application.
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    Actions planned
    (e.g.: establishing partnerships, fundraising, activities, meetings, etc.)
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    (e.g.: applicant organization, artist, collaborator, etc)

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