A new street on the Filtex site

As announced by the mayor at the last municipal council meeting, the public works and fixed assets department began work this week on the site that will link Dépôt and Pine streets via the Filtex site.

One-way traffic lane

The work, carried out entirely by our team, currently consists of excavating the ground over a width of 10 meters (30 feet) and a depth of 60 to 90 cm (24 to 36″) in order to fill it with well-compacted MG20 backfill material. For this winter, the street will remain in gravel before being paved next year. The street will be one-way, from Dépôt Street to Pine Street, and will be lined with herringbone parking lots. The Dépôt Street itself will become one-way, from Principale Street to the new street. Last year’s gravelled rectangle will remain untouched for the time being, and will once again host the Christmas Market tents this November.

The past that resurfaces

Des résidus d’asphalte de cette ancienne rue ont d’ailleurs été retrouvés lors de l’excavation en cours. The route of this new track passes over the site of the former “Railway Square Road” shown on this 1926 map of the village of Sutton, extracted from the archives of the Héritage Sutton historical society, in its very interesting file on La Filtex. It ran alongside the Sutton station building, parallel to the railroad line. Asphalt residues from this old street were found during the excavation work currently underway.

The Town of Sutton is very pleased with the work in progress, which will be completed rapidly and will improve traffic flow in this part of the village, as well as adding 23 parking spaces.