Public works

New glass recovery service in Sutton

The Town of Sutton is pleased to announce the arrival of a new container strictly reserved for the recovery of glass. It is been installed this Thursday morning, November 5, on Principale Street North, at the rear of the municipal parking lot of the post office.

By depositing your bottles and glass containers in this container, you allow them to be reused to the maximum extent possible, since glass is infinitely recyclable as long as it is not contaminated by other materials. To this end, we ask you to follow the instructions as to which materials can be deposited in the container as well as those not to be deposited.

Accepted Materials:

Glass food bottles and containers

Refused Materials

All other types of glass, such as dishes, Pyrex, ceramics, window glass, light bulbs and neon lights.

It is essential to deposit only the accepted materials in the container. We are counting on your collaboration!

The collected glass will then be sent to 2M Resources in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu to be treated and recycled.

Please call the Publics Works department, if you have any questions by phone at 450-538-2290 or by email at [email protected].

Accidental oil spill on Western Street

On Friday afternoon, an accidental spill of approximately 250 L of oil occurred on the roadway near number 80, Western Street North. It was caused by a broken hydraulic arm of Matrec’s truck, responsible for collecting compostable materials. Matrec proceeded to the immediate cleaning of the pavement and a specialized company will arrive on site to complete the cleaning. The Town’s Fire and Public Security Department, assisted by the Ministry of the Environment, is monitoring the situation closely. Everything should be back in order by Saturday. Please note that traffic obstructions could occur in this area.

Reminder – Large garbage collection by sector – starting September 28 to October 1st, 2020

There will be a large garbage collection by sectors starting September 28 to October 1st , 2020 (see 2020 collection schedule and list of sectors).

Please note that the following materials will not be picked up:

  • construction materials (gypsum, asphalt shingles, mineral wool, wood, linoleum, tiles, melamine, glass, etc.);
  • electronics, electrical devices, computer devices (television, toaster, microwave oven, computer, keyboard, printer, etc.);
  • tires and auto parts;
  • aggregates (brick, concrete, asphalt, rock etc.);
  • hazardous waste (paint, oil, batteries, propane tank, etc.);
  • autumn leaves;
  • household garbage.

Please place your items by the side of the road the day before the collect or before 7 a.m. the day of the collect.  Everything will be picked up during that day. Any items put on the side of the road after the date of the collection or after 7 a.m. the day of the collect in your sector will not be picked up.

You can also bring your large objects at Cowansville’s regional ecocenter open 6 days a week. For more information visit the MRC website :

Thank you for your cooperation and help us keep your town clean! 


Drinking water compliant

Please be advised that following the precautionary boiling of water advisory, the water is now good to drink. Planned work at Dyer boosting station lasted less than two hours and the network hasn’t been depressurized neither the quality affected. Less than 50 houses were concerned by the notice. For these reasons, the advisory can be lifted without subsequent bacteriological testing.

It is no longer necessary to boil the water before consumption.

Mass Alert 311 CITAM

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Notice of work – service interruption – precautionary boil water advisory – September 8, 2020

Town of Sutton will carry out maintenance work on the aqueduct system in the sector Tuesday, September 8, 2020 starting at 9:30 a.m. There will be a temporary interruption of service for a few hours. We highly suggest you have enough drinking water in reserve for your needs.

SECTOR: North Principale Street from civic number 86, Royea, Buenavista, Sénécal, and Woodard Streets

Following this interruption, drinking water in your sector is considered unsafe to drink for at least 96 hours or until further notice.

Do not use tap water unless you have brought your water to a rolling boil for at least one minute, or use bottled water.

For more information, contact us at 450-538-2290.


Previously boiled water, and boiled for at least one minute, must be used for the following purposes until further notice:

  • When drinking and preparing beverages;
  • When preparing infant formulas and baby food;
  • When washing and preparing foods that are eaten raw (fruits, vegetables, etc.);
  • When cooking food that does not require a long cooking time (canned soups, desserts, etc.)
  • When making ice cubes;
  • When brushing your teeth or rinsing you mouth.

Throw out ice cubes (do not forget the refrigerators’ water containers), drinks and foods prepared after the date and time mentioned above.

You may use unboiled tap water for:

  • Washing dishes in hot water and drying them well;
  • Washing clothes and taking a showing or a bath. When it comes to younger children, make sure that they do not swallow bath water or wash them with a washcloth.

Schools, companies, commercial establishments and institutions which are serviced: please notify your clientele that the water is unsafe for drinking. Close water fountains and post information in locations where water remains available. Furthermore, you should consult the following document:

Mass Alert 311 CITAM

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Notice of work on Vallée Road (Road 215) on August 10, 2020

own of Sutton wishes to inform citizens that the Ministère des Transports will be work will be carried out on Vallée Road (Road 215), on August 6, 2020 August 10, 2020.

Start: Monday, August 10

Finish: Monday, August 10

Directions: South and North

Localisation: Sutton, Vallée Road (Road 215), 700 meters to the south of the limit of Town of Brome Lake

Identification of the work: Digging

Hindrance: Alternating circulation, Thursday from 8:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

These interferences may be altered due to operational or weather constraints. Consult Québec 511 to follow-up the work.

For the safety of road users and workers, compliance with the signs in place is essential.

Notice of work on Route 139 – August 5 and 6, 2020 in Abercorn and Sutton

Town of Sutton wishes to inform citizens that work will be carried out on Route 139 in Abercorn and Sutton

Start: Wednesday, August 5

Finish: Thursday, August 6

Directions: South and North

Localisation: Between Pinacle road in Abercorn and 1 km south of Alderbrook road in Sutton

Identification of the work: Culvert repair

Hindrance: Complete closure

Detour: Schweizer road, Secnic and Ingalls / Des Églises street (approximately 17 km)

These works may be modified due to operational constraints or weather conditions.

For the safety of road users and workers, compliance with the signs in place is essential.

Notice of work on Route 215 between Sutton Jonction and Brome

The Town of Sutton wishes to inform residents that roadway repair work will be carried out on Route 215 between Sutton Jonction and Brome between Monday July 20 and Thursday July 23. Alternating traffic between 7 a.m. and 5 p.m.

This obstacle can be modified due to weather constraints.

For the safety of road users and that of workers, compliance with the signs in place is mandatory

Closing 5 ecocentres + Opening Régie year-round from Monday to Saturday

Complementary environmental evaluation – Filtex Site

As requested by the Town after the results of the environmental evaluation of the site Phase II completed during fall 2019, a complementary environmental evaluation of the soils will be performed on Thursday, June 18th, 2020 on the site of the former plant Filtex by the company LNA with help of the Public Works Department of the Town of Sutton.

Please note that this complementary evaluation has no influence on the temporary projects planned in connection with the COVID-19 (Coronavirus).