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Sutton Cultural Development Project: Consultations with the Community about the Village Core

With financial assistance from the Ministère de la Culture et des Communications du Québec and support from the consulting firm Mille-Lieux, the Town of Sutton is setting up a process to co-create, with the community, a project for the future development of the village core. Given the vacant land formerly occupied by the Filtex plant, issues related to the infrastructure for the Museum of Communications and History of Sutton, and the John Sleeth Centre, which houses arts and community organizations, a number of possibilities have opened up. In a four-phase consultation process that will take place in the coming months, community members will be invited to express their visions and needs regarding the village core.

Late March to mid-June: Establishment of a Steering Committee composed of individuals with experience in urban planning, architecture, landscape architecture, design, heritage buildings, local history, public art and/or strong community involvement, as well as key players representing the areas of arts and culture, community, business and tourism. These persons will seek out the opinions of their members and users and invite them to attend the community workshops. The role of the Steering Committee will be to represent the community and make its needs known, to support the Town in the organization of the day-long workshops for residents, and to advise the Town on the elaboration of a diagnostic approach, a vision of the future and a development project, in cooperation with the team of consultants. Elected officials, Town of Sutton employees and consultants will sit on this committee as well. A public invitation is being issued to fill the seats on the Steering Committee!


April and May: Two day-long workshops open to all Sutton residents so they can determine together what a desirable future for Sutton and its village core might look like. The topics will cover the use and development of public spaces, the protection and enhancement of landscapes and local heritage, and the place of new architecture and public art. The group co-creation project will generate two development scenarios.



Late May-early June: Online consultation open to the entire community. Sutton residents will be asked to participate in the process by commenting on the vision and the two development scenarios generated in the workshops.


Mid-September: Public presentation of the final scenario, which will integrate the responses from the online consultation. At this stage, the goal is to produce a visual draft of the major project concepts that will be presented to the community. There will be further consultations with local residents in the later stages of project development (architectural drawings, budgets, etc.).



New exhibition in the curio cabinet

The Town of Sutton has been promoting village artists via exhibitions in the Town Hall reception area since 2016. Currently, until next July, some works by Anke VanGinhoven and Qita Reindler are on display.

Anke vanGinhoven‘s pieces display the artist’s close attention to and exploration of the limits and possibilities of various techniques, from papermaking and collage to mixed media. The artist, who has lived in Sutton since 1969, has had a busy career: from the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts to Japan, her work has been featured in a variety of contexts and can now be found in numerous public and private collections, including that of the Town of Sutton. She has also been a four-time participant in the Québec government policy of arts integration in public buildings (known as the “Politique 1%”).

Also on display are some works by Qita Reindler. Using porcelain and stoneware, this talented potter makes decorative and functional pottery with an artistic and sometimes whimsical touch. She describes her work as a “moving meditation.” You will notice that the shapes of her work echo the graceful curves of the female body.

Mini flea market at the Sutton Museum of Communications and History

Have you ever wanted to handle an object in a museum? What if you actually owned one?

Well, now’s your chance! The Museum of Communications and History is doing a big clear-out of its basement! This very unique “garage sale” will be held on Saturday, November 16 from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.

This is the perfect opportunity to get your hands on a special antique: General store boxes, bottles, old records, sewing machines, 1930s The Saturday Evening Post collection, snowshoes and other small wonders will all be available at low prices.

Sutton’s Culture Department is currently working on a plan to infuse new energy into the amazing collection of 1,500 artifacts at the Museum, which belongs to the Town. This will involve deciding what to keep to ensure a record of local history, and making arrangements for proper storage.

As part of this process, the Museum will be returning some everyday items from the past to the community, to be loved and cared for once again. Which is where you come in.

Don’t miss this very special sale!


Conference with Paul Chevalier – Conference on water treatment


Culture Days

Culture Days have been held all across Quebec since 1996. Their purpose is to make people aware of the importance and need for greater access to the arts and culture for all citizens. Activities are free. The Town has participated since 2011, partnering with local cultural organizations.

For more and select Sutton.

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Meeting with the author Johanne Seymour

Location: Sutton Municipal and School Library, 19 Highland Street

Date: Friday, September 27 th

Time: From 7 pm to 9 pm

Come talk with Mrs. Johanne Seymour on the occasion of the Journées de la culture and learn more about her career and the profession of author.

Johanne Seymour is the author of Rinzen: la beauté intérieure, the second opus of the Gyatso series released in the fall of 2018 and finalist of the Arthur Ellis 2019 award for the best French-language crime novel. In addition to her novels, she has written four short stories.

She is also the founder of the International Festival of Police Literature, The Deadly Spring of Knowlton (2012-2016). 

Reserve your place:  450 538-5843 or: [email protected]

NEW – Cultural Recreation Directory for Suttonites

In response to requests for information about the many activities being offered in Sutton and the surrounding area, the Town is now providing this new searchable directory of local cultural and recreational events.

Search by age, language, category or keyword. Explore some 60 different activities! From choir and reading clubs to pottery class, family reunions and dance classes. Fun for all ages!


Come and have a great time at this weeklong event to raise awareness of art and culture for young kids: performances and workshops for everyone!

The Town of Sutton, along with six other municipalities in Brome-Missisquoi and some 30 partners, is organizing a week of events to raise awareness of art and culture for young kids. All the performances, workshops and presentations are part of the J’inviterai l’enfance (I’ll invite in my young heart) project. See below for four activities open to the general public free of charge. Places are limited, reservation required. Activities in French only.

Atelier Des lettres au son (in French only)

Parents et nourrissons, avant la marche

Les parents, accompagnés de leurs nourrissons, sont guidés dans un réchauffement vocal en relation avec leur tout-petit. Sur le dos, à quatre pattes et en mouvements, ils traversent les voyelles et consonnes pour ensuite lire un livre pour enfant et le transformer en chœur tantôt en berceuse, tantôt en comptine rythmée.

Samedi 15 juin à 9 h 30 Centre culturel St-John, Bromont. Pour vous inscrire:

Samedi 15 juin à 10 h 30 Centre culturel St-John, Bromont. Pour vous inscrire:

Atelier Petites bouchées de cirque (in French only)

2 à 5 ans

Venez non pas voir, mais vivre une expérience avec votre tout-petit ! Vous deviendrez porteur de main-à-main pour votre petit voltigeur, acrobate en tandem dans un parcours à défis et assistant coach de trapèze pour guider votre enfant dans la réussite de mouvements en suspension. Vêtements confortables, sans jupe ni souliers requis.

Samedi 15 juin à 13h Centre culturel St-John, Bromont. Pour vous inscrire :

Spectacle Amarelinha (in French only)

À partir de 4 ans

Amarelinha est un spectacle extérieur construit autour d’une marelle, de la TERRE jusqu’au CIEL, où l’on suit le parcours de cinq enfants du quartier, à travers leurs jeux et leurs enjeux, leurs grandes questions, leurs passions et leurs drames. C’est une fenêtre sur un quotidien qui nous ressemble, dans notre décor.

Mercredi 18 juin à 18 h,  dans le stationnement du CPE Les Tisserands, 118 rue Laurier, Cowansville. Apportez vos chaises! Annulé en cas de pluie. Pour vous inscrire :

An information meeting on the project “J’inviterai l’enfance”

Join us at the Cafetier Tuesday, May 14, from 5 p.m.! This project allows the creation of a network of partners for the development of artistic actions that contribute to the overall development of toddlers and focus on the social role of the artist.

Training, shows, conferences, grants for creation, creation with children in daycare whether you are an educator, an artist or a representative of a cultural organization, this project is for you.

On the 5 to 7 menu: a few words on the project, presentation of inspiring projects, brainstorming of ideas of artistic projects to realize in daycare and networking.

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Job offer – Cultural awakening project for toddlers

The Town of Sutton initiated the project entitled “J’inviterai l’enfance”, which is now supported by the Town of Cowansville and now includes seven municipalities in Brome-Missisquoi. We are looking for a coordinator for a one-year contract. Click here to consult the job offer (in French only)

Artists, educators, parents, you would like to know more about this artistic project? Sign up for the newsletter: [email protected]