Allocation of $149,800 from the public works reserve for the purchase of granular materials and asphalt

The council of the Town of Sutton adopted the resolution no. 2021-07-290 allowing to draw up to a maximum of $149 800 of the reserve of public works to proceed to the purchase of $54 800 of granular materials and $95 000 of asphalt. 

Granular materials

The spring 2021 thaw period was particularly difficult for our roads and the Public Works and Fixed Assets Department was forced to use far more material than anticipated to repair and maintain them. Considering all the repairs that remain to be done this year and the need to stockpile several thousand tons of material to proceed with road repairs as early as the spring of 2022, Director Titouan Perriollat has requested authorization to purchase approximately 4,000 additional tons of granular material.


The price of asphalt has been subject to the increase in the price of oil, which is one of its components. Coupled with the general shortage of labor and materials from our suppliers, the cost to pave our streets has increased significantly this year. Not wanting to postpone the paving work scheduled for 2021, as the condition of some roads does not allow it, Mr. Perriollat estimated that his department would need approximately 1000 additional tons of asphalt to meet its maintenance objectives, including the paving of part of Academy Street (between Highland and Sweet Streets) and part of Boulanger Street. Jordan Street, Mudgett Street and Mount Echo Street have already undergone major paving work this year.