Budget 2024: another step towards a balanced budget


At its special meeting on December 13, the Municipal Council unanimously adopted its upcoming 2024 budget, as well as the 2024-2026 three-year program of capital expenditure. By stabilizing the amount of its unallocated surplus at almost $3,000,000 and containing tax increases between 2.24% and 5.24% depending on the sector, the Town has succeeded in presenting a reasonable and balanced budget.

“This is our third budget since being elected, and we have pursued our initial objective of gradually restoring a balanced budget so as to no longer draw on the unallocated surplus to finance our current expenses, said Mayor Robert Benoît. We are very satisfied with the work accomplished, and with the excellent collaboration between the council and the administration.”

Within three years, the Town has considerably reduced the amount previously drawn from the unallocated surplus reserve: from $1,500,000 in 2022, it has fallen to $750,000 in the 2023 budget, and will be just $250,000 in the next 2024 budget. Ultimately, the aim is to eliminate these withdrawals and keep this reserve solely for exceptional expenses, as recommended by sound municipal management practices.

The Town of Sutton’s 2024 budget will total $15,668,444, an increase of $962,113 (6.54%) over the previous year. Maintaining all services, expenses will amount to $16,629,331, an increase of only 4.91% over 2023.

In 2024, taxpayers will see their tax bills increase by an average of 2.24% in the Mountain sector, 4.69% in the Village sector and 5.24% for properties not serviced by municipal water and sewer systems. These figures are based on the average municipal property evaluation in Sutton, which is $468,093 (the figures can be consulted in greater detail on pages 15 to 18 of the 2024 budget presentation.

“These tax increases are among the lowest in the Brome-Missisquoi MRC noted the mayor. We have managed to contain the increases in a difficult economic context with the sharp rise in the cost of living and a significant increase in our contributions.”

This year, the Town of Sutton is faced with a 6.39% increase in its contribution to the Sûreté du Québec and a 13.45% increase in its contribution to the Brome-Missiquoi MRC. These two contributions alone represent 25% of the general property tax paid by all taxpayers. 

A realistic three-year capital expenditure program (PTI)  

The three-year capital expenditure program for 2024-2026, for its part, presents amounts that the council and administration wanted to be as realistic as possible. For the first time in its history, the Town used an evaluation grid to prioritize the projects to be included in the 2024-2026 PTI. The projects were evaluated according to nine criteria, using a scoring system that provided a much more realistic overview, much to the satisfaction of the council members.

As a result, all the projects planned for 2024 in the PTI are almost certain to be carried out, as the majority have already received the necessary funding. For example, the rehabilitation of the northern part of Western Street and the development of the dog park requested by citizens through the participatory budget will be among the priorities of the Public Works and Fixed Assets Department in 2024. In addition, the upgrading of Parc Gagné has been added to the list, also in response to the public’s wishes.

Link to all financial information on the 2024 budget on our website: Services to citizen/Treasury/Financial information/Municipal Budgets, 2024
Press Release – Budget 2024: Another step towards a balanced budget
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